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John prepares hearts


Before the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Messiah, there are many things that had to be done

to prepare the world for the coming Messiah (Jesus Christ) as according to Gods will and plans! 

To learn this we need to look at the 4 servants of Jesus Christ, Matthew Mark, Luke and

John in their writings regarding this and the importance of the preparations, the major announcements

and actions that had to take place. 

Study Resources Used; 1599 Geneva Bible, KJV, NKJV Bible, Adam Clarkes Commentary, The Bible

Exposition Commentary OT & NT, My Bible Library Program > (Bible Soft, PC Study Bible V5).

Let Us Pray; Dear heavenly Father, in your name, name of your son and of the Holy Spirit we pray in the trinity

that we learn and understand all of your Holy Words, that through your power that may not sin, that we may not

hurt you and our neighbors or our enemies, and we pray just as you are just that we too shall always be just,

in all of our judgments, and actions, and in our thinking AMEN!

1) Preparations for the Coming Messiah -

a) Jesus Christ Genealogy - 1) Matthew 1:1-17 Jesus Christ Genealogy (Joseph) Line through David's to

son Solomon, 2) Luke 3:23-38 Jesus Christ Genealogy (Mary) Line through David's Son Nathan.

b) Before and at the Birth of John the Baptist & Jesus Christ 1) Luke 1:5-80, Johns Birth Announced

to Zacharias, Christ Birth Announced to Mary, Mary Visits Elizabeth, The Song of Mary.  2) Birth of John

the Baptist, Circumcision of John the Baptist, Zacharias Prophecy, Christ Born to Mary.  Jesus Christ Birth 

for the continuation of the Preparations for the Coming Messiah -

c) After the Birth of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ - 1 ) Mark 1:1-11, John the Baptist Prepares the

Way, John Baptizes Jesus. 2)  John 1:1-34. The Eternal Word, Johns Witness to the Light, The Word

Becomes flesh, A Voice in the wilderness, The Lamb of God.

d) Luke 2:41-50 - Jesus Christ at age 12 - The boy Jesus amazes the scholars 

e) Matthew 3:13-4:11, Mark 1:9-13, Luke 3:21-22, 4:1-13, John 1:29-34 - Jesus Baptized and goes to


2) Prepare the People's Heart for the Coming of Jesus Christ -

a) A Messenger is Needed - God has planned on sending Israel a messenger (John the Baptist) through his

specially chosen parents because of Israel's gross ignorance. They needed a divine instructor (John The

Baptist) to instruct them to the ways of salvation.  John's parents had to be from the line of the Priesthood of

Aaron (Lk 1:5-10) in order to prepare the peoples hearts for repentance (Mt 3:8, Lk 3:8) for the coming of

the Messiah and our Lord Jesus Christ (Lk 1:16-17).  We must always remember to the Jew first for the

opportunity of Salvation then to the Greek (Gentile) as well (Ro 1:16).

b) Zacharias and Elizabeth specially Chosen - This is one of the most important time in mankind's history

because God has chosen Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth to bring into the world John the Baptist that will

prepare the way, the peoples hearts for the coming Messiah Jesus Christ. Zacharias and Elizabeth greatly

loved and obeyed God in all they have done in life (Lk 1:6).  God has kept Elizabeth's womb closed until this

time for the specific reason of bringing into the world John the Baptist, the most important Prophet that has

ever existed and a major miracle of God since they were well advanced in years (Lk 1:7).  We can easily

look at this as a triumphal entry in a since sort of like trumpets sounding through John the Baptist, announcing

our Lord Jesus Christ coming to the people very soon.

c) John's Birth Announced by Angel Gabriel - Johns Birth being announced to Zacharias (Lk 1:11-18) is a

major event in history, marking the soon coming birth and ministry of the Messiah Jesus Christ, the Savior of

the world.  The announcement to Zacharias from the Angel Gabriel to which Gabriel's main responsibilities

are to deliver message's from God to Gods servants here on earth.  And in this case Gabriel was bringing

glad tidings (Lk 1:19), that is good news to Zacharias while Zacharias was in the temple to burn incense

(Lk 1:8-11) , to which burning incense represents the prayers and praises of the people to God.  This event

should never be forgotten nor over looked since it is preparation for the coming Messiah, his birth and


d) John The Baptist Purpose's w/Elijah's Power - There are a few things that the Angel Gabriel (Lk 1:19)

said to Zacharias regarding the importance of John the Baptist and his purpose.  For one as Jesus Christ said

later on in his ministry of course there is no one Born of Woman greater than John the Baptist (Mt 11:11-15),

the Angel Gabriel said the same thing regarding John long before Jesus Christ started his ministry (Lk 1:15 

and 1:17). Now John was filled with the Holy Spirit even in the womb of Elizabeth, the spirit of God

(Lk 1:15). 

Now there are 2 things regarding the main purposes of John the Baptist.  1) One is because of the Jewish

peoples gross ignorance and disobedience it to turn their hearts back to God in Faith and obedience like their

ancestors were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. To teach them the way of salvation.  2) Now the second purpose

is to prepare their hearts by the power of Elijah for the coming Messiah our Lord Jesus Christ for them to be

truly saved under his name and further guidance.

e) Mary & Elizabeth Praises to the Glory of the Lord - The praise and glory of our Lord started before he

was even born through Mary, before he was even developed as a baby in the womb.  Even at the hearing of

Mary's greeting John while in the womb and Elizabeth for both of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and

started Praising God in their Joyfulness and actions (Luke 1:41-42).   And then Mary broke out with songs

of praise's and Glory to the Lord in rejoicing to the coming of our Messiah through Mary's Pregnancy

(Luke 1:46-56). This is another situation that simulates a triumphal coming, a major event in the history of


f) Jesus Birth Announced by Angel Gabriel - The Angel Gabriel job as always is to bring Glad tidings to

Gods servants as he has brought Glad tidings to Zacharias about his wife Elizabeth going to bear a son, one

who will prepare the way for the Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 1:11-19).  Likewise the same Angel has now

brought Glad Tidings to Mary about her going to bear a son, the son of God, Jesus Christ (Luke 1:26-38). 

This announcement over super cedes any important announcement that has ever been announced in this

universe by mankind!  Now these Announcements of John's and Jesus Birth's is so wonderful and Joyful we

all should get up and sing praises and dance unto our Lord!

g) Zacharias Prophecy Concerning the Coming Messiah - Zacharias Prophecies (Luke 1:67-80) and

reminded about the Promise made to Abraham that all nations will be blessed through him, and obtain mercy

(Genesis 22:16-18).  That blessing is the coming Messiah Jesus Christ that is bringing with him the

Knowledge of Salvation ), so those who places their faith in Jesus Christ their sins will be removed from them

(Luke 1:77, so they can be saved.  That knowledge is that a person must Repent, Believe (Faith-Mk 1:15) in

Jesus Christ and they must deny their selves (get rid of the old man and his selfish ways Eph 4:22)), pick up

the cross (share in Jesus Christ Sufferings (1Pe 4:13) in being persecuted Jn 15:20, not being worldly Jas 4:4)

and follow him (learn from him and apply his teachings to their daily lives Mt 7:24-29), and

(Matthew 16:24-27).

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