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Jesus Christ, young child


We shall learn more about our Lord Jesus Christ when he was a child, that he was not any

normal child for sure.  And we shall learn about his devotion & his sincere Love for God his

Father.  And we shall learn about Mary's & Joseph's lack of memory regarding what the

angel Gabriel, the angel of glad tidings told her about 12 years ago regarding her pregnancy,

her son Jesus Christ.

Let Us Pray; Dear heavenly Father, in your name, name of your son and of the Holy Spirit we pray in the trinity

that we learn and understand all of your Holy Words, that through your power that may not sin, that we may not

hurt you and our neighbors or our enemies, and we pray just as you are just that we too shall always be just,

in all of our judgments, and actions, and in our thinking AMEN!

1) Mt 2:44 & 2:48, Jesus Love for his Father

Jesus love for God his Father is so powerful that he listened and learned from the teachers for 3 straight days,

instead of going home with his parents and playing with other children of his age like a average child would

normally do.  This is because he was born from the spirit of God from the beginning of his birth, so in that God's

own personality and attributes was always with-in Jesus Christ in the roughly put same way that earthly dads

attributes etc are always with-in their earthly sons.

2) Mt 2:47, Jesus Christ great understanding

Jesus Christ our Messiah, Lord and Teacher evidently had such understanding, wisdom & stature (Mt 2:52) that

God looked down in favor of him and so did all mankind that heard him speak, and that is very unusual for

adults to listen to any child with amazement such as that.  No child has ever had such understanding and

wisdom as our Lord Jesus Christ had at the age of 12.  Not even adults had that either! 

SPECIAL NOTE; Now if Jesus had the same view points and was worldly as so many Christians are God

would have never looked down on Jesus Christ favorably and neither would man kind.  This should be a major

lesson for all of us if we want any Blessings from God at all!

3) Mt 2:48-50, Mary didn't you know.....?

This sounds like the song "Mary didn't you know" doesn't it?  Instead, the song should be "Mary don't you

remember.....?" That is remember what the Angel Gabriel (Lk 1:19) told her of the glad tidings (Lk 1:28-38)

about Jesus Christ? That is he will be the son of God, he would be great, sit on the throne of David and rule over

the house of Jacob for ever, that his his chosen people "Born Again Christians". But not only that, the Angel

Gabriel, the Angel of glad tidings, (Good News) 2ndly appeared to Joseph, Mary's husband (Mt 1:20) regarding

Mary's pregnancy with Jesus in her belly.  So what didn't the 2 remember regarding the Angel appearing  to both

of them?

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