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Jesus Christ was not sent


My friend there are so many misguided people regarding why God sent his son Jesus Christ to us. 

And that is why so many of them will never see the kingdom of God but instead they will see the

lake of fire!  They can not serve both money and God (Mt 6:24, 32, 19:24).  Many are so full of

greed, worldliness and carnality that they miss the entire blessings of the Holy Spirit, the love, the

contentment and the peace of God in their hearts.  Paul was telling Timothy about those in the

churches of the last days, they will be lovers of money, selves, pleasure etc (2Timothy 3:1-17)

Let Us Pray; Dear heavenly Father, in your name, name of your son and of the Holy Spirit we pray in the trinity

that we learn and understand all of your Holy Words, that through your power that may not sin, that we may not

hurt you and our neighbors or our enemies, and we pray just as you are just that we too shall always be just,

in all of our judgments, and actions, and in our thinking AMEN!

1) Reason 1 - to bring peace on the earth (Matthew 10:34-39, Luke 12:51-53, 14:26-27) 

He Brings Division - My friend when you repent and come to Jesus Christ according to Jesus in many of his

teachings that you won't be loved nor liked, not even by your own family but instead you will be hated, despised

and persecuted even by your own family friends, your job and so on, since all of the world hates truth and

righteous and loves sin instead!

As Jesus Christ Said; Mt 10:34 "Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace

but a sword. 35 For I have come to 'set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-

in-law against her mother-in-law'; 36 and 'a man's enemies will be those of his own household.'

2) Reason 2 - to make you rich, or profit through his gospel or use Jesus to make money in business,

(Lk 16:13-14, 2Co 2:17, 1Ti 3:3, 3:8, 2Ti 3:4,Titus 1:7, Jude 11) -Jesus did not suffer and die on the cross so

you can Preach/Teach the Word of God for Profit as to corrupt the Words of God, for financial gain that is not

out of sincerity, and a pure heart, but instead having received that doctrine, corrupt it; mingling with it their own 

inventions, and explaining away its force and influence, so as to accommodate it to men of carnal minds  (See 

Adams Clarkes Commentary, & The Bible Exposition Commentary NT) .

So Paul was letting the Corinthians know that he has brought them the gospel of Jesus Christ with a pure and

sincere heart with no selfish motives for any sort of financial or personal gain for himself.  Instead of any

personal gain Paul has suffered great loss in having no food or drink, in wear terrible clothing, in being beaten

and homeless, being highly persecuted with mockery thrown towards them. (1 Co 4:11-13). So then what

Pastor or TV evangelist and such do you know that has gone through that for the name sake of Christ in order to

bring us his gospel?

3) Reason 3 - for you to be well loved and accepted by the world,  (Mt 10:22, 24:9, Jn 15:18, 17:14,

1 Jn 2:15, James 4:4) - (John 17:14-19) since Jesus Christ said we are not of the world and that the world hated

him before it hated us (John 15:18), so by picking up our cross (We Share in Jesus Sufferings (Mt 10:38, 16:24,

2Co 1:5, 1Pe 4:13).)   So friend in all of that if we are a friend to the world, we then become Gods enemy

(James 4:4-6) and if we wish to live a Godly life don't you know that we will be persecuted  (2Ti 3:12).  Instead

of being Loved by the world we will be hated by the world instead (Mt 24:9, Lk 21:17).

4) Reason 4 - for you to Live a better life, (A Worldly/Carnal Life) - (Mt 13:22, Mk 8:36, Jn 15:19) -There is

no scripture that says that you will have a better job, more money, be healthier, a better home or anything that is

of this world by coming to Jesus Christ. Instead he said we will have tribulation and be persecuted (Mt 24:9-10,

Jn 16:33). And Paul says if we wish to live a Godly Life we will be persecuted (2Ti 3:12)

5) Reason 5 - for you to have the same points of view as this wicked world - (Jn 15:19, 17:6, Ro 12:2,

2Co 3:18, 5:16) Our thinking, that is our view points are not to be the same as this world as we should not view

others as the world views them (2 Corinthians 5:16).  But instead we are to be transformed by the renewing of

the mind, that is to have a complete different way of thinking once we come to Jesus Christ from what our

thinking use to be before we came to Jesus Christ (Romans 12:2).

6) Reason 6 - so you can ignore his teachings and live by your opinions instead - (See My In-Depth Teaching-

Dangers of our Opinions) - (Proverbs 3:5, Matthew 4:4, Romans 12:2, 2 Corinthians 3:18). - My friend it is

not by our own words, nor vain imaginations that we should live by, but instead we shall grow in the Faith and

developing the same type of thinking and outlook as our Lord Jesus Christ has so that we will be Christ like in

our Faith in him.  Cults always start up because they twist the scriptures and mingle them with their own vain

imaginations instead.  JESUS CHRIST was also sent so that we can study and learn his teachings, all of them

and apply them to our every day life.

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