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Jesus Christ Purposes


My friends in this teaching Jesus Christ Purposes and Reasons I will show you the true Biblical

reasons why Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead.  There are many of

preachers, teachers and general congregations who seemed to have forgotten why God has sent

his son Jesus Christ to us. Some thinks it is so our lives can be all nice, comfy and trouble free. 

Others seem to think Jesus Christ was sent to us so we can treat him like a vending machine to

where Jesus never stops giving us material things and money. 

Let Us Pray; Dear heavenly Father, in your name, name of your son and of the Holy Spirit we pray in the trinity

that we learn and understand all of your Holy Words, that through your power that may not sin, that we may not

hurt you and our neighbors or our enemies, and we pray just as you are just that we too shall always be just,

in all of our judgments, and actions, and in our thinking AMEN!

(Resource Used, NKJV Bible, Adam Clarke Commentary, 1599 Geneva Bible, and Bible Library Powerful

Search Engine, The Bible Exposition Commentary on The NT)

1) Purpose 1 - To Reveal God to Us  (Mt 11:27) - Much of this information I have gotten is from some of my

Biblical resources plus the behaviors and teachings of Jesus Christ etc.  Now if a person was to really study

Jesus Christ teachings he or she would see God's ways, heart and mind revealed to us through Jesus Christ for

the way's of God is the way's of Jesus Christ because Jesus does as he has seen the Father do and teach him 

(John 5:19, 8:28).  So friend when we see Jesus Christ then we have seen God through him (John 10:38,

12:44, 14:9, 14:10), Gods Holiness, Gods Love, Gods wrath and Judgments.

2) Purpose 2 - A New Sacrifice, A New Covenant (Mt 9:13, 26:28, Heb 9:18, 10:1-4, 13:20) - The Old

Covenant that Jesus Christ replaced was animal sacrifice for the shedding of blood for the peoples sins.  To

which that could never take away sins for it was a yearly reminder of their sins since animal sacrifice was

required every year.  As Jesus Christ said I desire mercy not sacrifice (Mt 9:13, 1 Sam 15:22), meaning that

Jesus Christ would rather give the people mercy, to call sinners, for repentance. 

As written Godly Sorrow produces repentance (2 Corinthians 7:10). And that is from their heart in obedience

rather than animal sacrifices that is not from the persons heart to where the people still remained disobedient,

that does not take away their sins. So friend Animal Sacrifice of their blood is the Old Covenant the Old

Promise, but Jesus Christ, his blood is the New Sacrifice theNew Covenant, the New Promise 

(Mathew 26:28) to which completely voids out the Old Covenant of Animal Sacrifice to which is no longer


Through the Animal sacrifices of the Old Covenant the people were never given the power to over come their

sins, to stop practicing their sins.  But with the New Covenant we are given the power through Jesus Christ to

over come our sins (Luke 10:17-20) to stop practicing sin, to get rid of the old man and put on the new man,

to be Born Again, to be a New Creation in Jesus Christ (Eph 4:24, Col 3:1-162Co 5:17, Gal 6:15).

3) Purpose 3 - Save His People (Repented Born Again Christians w/Faith)  (Isaiah 7:14, Mt 1:21,

Lk 1:68, Lk 1:77, John 3:3) - The Scripture "he will save his people from their sins" means to deliver them

from their sins, to take away their sins, for them to stop sinning and stop being slaves of sin, to get completely

rid of our old man, old selves (Ro 6:6), This is so that we can renew our minds, to be a new creation to

reconcile us to God through Jesus Christ (2 Co 5:17-21),  us to be Born Again (Jn 3:37)  The people of God

through Jesus Christ that have repented, (Stop Practicing Sin Mt 25:12, Lk 13:27) and believe in who Jesus

Christ say he is (Jn 8:24, Rev 1:18, 2:23), are those that have FAITH and TRUST in him and his words

(Mt 24:35, Lk 9:26, Jn 5:47, 12:47-48, 14:24, 15:27)! 

Now there are many who thinks Gods grace means he tolerates our sins, that Jesus Christ dying on the cross

means we can live as we please.  FRIENDS that is FAR FROM THE TRUTH!  There are countless numbers

of scriptures that warns about practicing sin. Now lets look at Gods people the chosen. The Chosen, Children

of God has always been those that have Faith in him as Abraham did (Ro 4:39) the people of the Old

Testament and the New Testament those with Faith in Jesus Christ. 

Without Faith in God, even\in the Old Testament they can not be saved! As Paul tells us that being born in

Israel does not automatically make anyone a child of God (Ro 9:6-13) because God can chose anyone in the

world and call them a Jew, God can chose any people in the world and call them Israel.

As it is written; the Just shall live by Faith (Habakkuk 2:4, Romans 1:17, Galatians 3:11, Hebrews 10:38).

4) Purpose 4  To Declare Justice to the Gentiles (Isaiah 42:1, Matthew 12:18)  - This is one of the

reasons why Jesus Christ was sent is to bring Gods truths to the pagans, the gentiles the non-Jews so they can

have Gods love and mercy, a hope of salvation  as well.  And yet Jesus first came to the Jews But they wanted

to kill him (Luke 4:29) and would not accept Jesus as Messiah except for the Jewish tax collectors, harlots and

such (Mt 21:31) since he did not rescue them from the Romans and since he was against their heresies, their

hypocritical ways (Mt 23:13-36). 

But the gentiles accepted Jesus Christ and his message, in what Jesus saying, "Repent, For the Kingdom  of

Heaven is at Hand" (Matthew 3:2). Now my friend, some older Bible Versions such as 1599 Geneva Bible

uses the word Judgment rather than the word Justice, to which the word justice is a more correct word to use

for the meaning of this scripture.  Now what does this scripture mean? He will declare justice to the Gentiles? 

Or should we say nations as some Bible versions seems to say? 

The scripture means to give the Gentiles, the Nations a opportunity for salvation to be able to be called the

children of God, through his son Jesus Christ in Faith (Hos 2:23, Rom 9:25-26).  And another meaning is to

give the gentiles, Gods laws, Gods Precepts and Gods doctrines as well.  All of this since the whole of Israel,

not all of Israel has lost Gods love and favor (Hos 9:15) because of their Idolatrous ways of worshiping other

so called gods, such as Baal (Num 25:1-3, Dt 4:3, Jdg 8:33-55, 1 Ki 16:32-33).  

There are countless numbers of OT Scriptures proving that.Especially the last books of the Old Testament

shows us the great evils Israel has done and Gods wrath and Judgments on Israel because of that!  So between

the Old Testament and the New testament there has been 400 years that God has not sent any prophets to

Israel to speak to them on his behalf.  God has during those times completely turned his back on Israel because

Israel has turned her back on God.  So then God has decided in the future through Jesus Christ to turn to the

Gentiles in order to make the Jews Jealous (Rom 11:11-12).  

But a remnant (Small Part of Israel) will be saved (Ro 9:27) in the last days.

A final note that not all Israel are Israel, that is not all are Jews, Gods children, Gods chosen (Israel's

Rejection & Gods Purpose Gen 25"19-23, Romans 9:6-13, Israel's Rejection & Gods Justice 

Romans 9:14-29, Present Condition of Israel Romans 9:30-33).

5) Purpose 5 - To Create a Worthy and Holy People for Jesus Christ (Mt 10:37-39, 22:8, Lk 20:35,

21:36, Acts 5:41, Eph 4:1, Php 1:27, Col 1:10, 1Th 2:12, 2Th 1:5, 1:11, Rev 3:4) - We are called to grow in

Jesus Christ to be Christ like, that is to conform to the imagine of Jesus Christ (Ro 8:29, 1Co 15:49, 2Co 3:18),

to be transformed by the renewing of the mind (Ro 12:1-2) to be perfect and Holy as God is Holy (Mt 5:48,

Jn 17:23, 1Co 3:17).  We must constantly learn and grow in Jesus Christ so we can learn the difference

between evil and good (Ro 12:9, 16:9, 3Jn 11, Heb 5:12-14, 1Pe 2:1-3) . 

So in that we put away all evil away from us (1Co 13:11, Eph 4:31), so in that we can advance the kingdom of

Jesus Christ in letting his light shine through us (Mt 5:13-16, Eph 5:8-14, Php 2:12-18, 1 Jn 1:7), and so we can

also help to build up the body of Jesus Christ, the true church the Body of Jesus Christ (1Co 14:12, 14:19) , for

the unity in Christ that we are called to be (1Co 12:12-31, Eph 4:1-6, Eph 4:7-16, Php 2:1-11).. So then when

Jesus Christ returns we must be found as worthy and obedient servants, in our day to day living and working for

the kingdom of Jesus Christ as written in (Matthew 24:45 to 25:30).

6) Purpose 6 - Reveal Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven - (Mt 13:11, Lk 8:10) - Since the beginning

of the creation of the world there has been many mysteries concerning the kingdom of heaven, that is concerning

salvation and the future state of the church, during the times of the New Testament Church era and the end of

this present world.  Jesus Christ spoke to the people in Parables (Stories) because many of them have cold

hearts, eyes that are blind and ears that are deaf (Mt 13:10-17).  Jesus Christ did not want to make things easy

for people who was not searching for Gods truths Gods will and Gods ways. 

Their hearts were so cold and self righteous that they have condemned their selves eternally.  As Jesus Christ

said; Matthew 7:13"Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to 

destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14Because* narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which 

leads to life, and there are few who find it. 

This is the time that finally the mysteries of Salvation and the Future State of the Church is reveled, BUT only it

is reveled to a few, a hand people of people that God has foreknew, predestined and elected to be his children 

(Ro 8:29-30) that would be faithful and worthy servants (Mt 10:37-39, 22:8, Lk 3:8, 20:35, 21:36, Ac 5:41,

Eph 4:1, Php 1:27, Col 1:10, 1Th 2:12, 2Th 1:5, 1:11, Heb 10:29, 11:38, 3Jn 6, Rev 3:4, ) of Jesus Christ, that

they have given up all to serve him, to love him and to love others in preaching and spreading his words out to

the world without ever being self seeking or selfish in any manor!

7) Purpose 7 - To be a Light to the World - (Is 9:2, Mt 4:16, 5:13-16) - The Jews to which once were a

light to the world is no longer that Light, but now a Light has come and shined to which his people those with

Faith may once again be the light onto this world. The people who were living in death due to their sinfulness

has now seen the light of Jesus Christ that gives death to sin due to Jesus Christ light upon this world.  For the

wages of sin is death, but Jesus Light kills that sin that lives with-in a person. 

So then as written in (Mt 5:13-16) if we let our light go out like the Jews did in the Old Testament because of

their wickedness, their Idolatry, their rejection of Gods ways and lean on their own understanding, their own

ideas, then how can we once again be the light of Jesus Christ onto this wicked world?  The world will see our

sinful behaviors and never see us again as the light of Jesus Christ, not the people that knows us that has seen

our wicked behaviors!

8) Purpose 8 - To Teach us Many Things , a) To Love (MT 22:37-40),  b) To be True Followers

(MT 16:24-27 c) To Serve Others (MT 10:24-25, MT 20:26-28) d) Reveal King Secrets in Parables 

(Ps 78:2, MT 13:34-35) Jesus Christ teachings, the 4 areas that I have listed above, goes hand in hand and is

taught constantly through all 4 gospels.  He teaches us the ways and will of God for you and me in order for us

to be able to obtain salvation through Faith and through obedience in Jesus Christ, so that we may be counted

worthy at his return for the bride, the church (Mt 10:38, 22:8).

If we do not learn and do the will of God (Mk 3:5) we will be like the Jews that has lost their salvation, they lost

Gods Love and Gods favor (Hosea 9:15) for they did not love nor did they obey God, but instead they let the

things and ways of this wicked world entice them, to draw them in to the darkest pits of hell, the ways of satan

instead.  (Num 25:1-3, Dt 4:3, Jdg 8:33-55, 1 Ki 16:32-33).  Read the last few books of the Old Testament

for tons of proof. 

Now God did not spare the Old Testament Church, the natural branches in receiving his wrath and judgments,

so he won't spare The New Testament Church , the Christians, you or me either that were grafted in (Ro 11:21). 

Nor did God spare the angels in heaven either (2Pe 2:4). If we practice disobedience, that is sin, and practice

unbelief (Romans 11:20-23), he will remove our lamp stand (Rev 2:5).  So my friend let us workout our

Salvation in fear and trembling (Php 2:12-13) so that you and I are not cut off as the Jews were cut off from his

saving grace ....(Romans 11:20-23). 

But there are a remnant (small part) of Jews just like a remnant (Small part) of Christians that will be saved in

the last days (Ro 9:27, 11:5).  When Jesus Christ said NARROW IS THE GATE THAT LEADS TO


Matthew 7:13-14 The Narrow Way (Luke 13:24) 13 "Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and 

broad is the way that  leads  to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because* narrow is the 

gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

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