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Jesus Christ Beginnings


Friend in this section "Jesus Christ Beginnings" I will show you many things about Jesus Christ

especially things that non-Christians may not even know about such as Jesus Christ was here

in the beginning, through out the Old Testament before he came here physically in the flesh

into this world through the virgin Mary.  And there are other very important aspects such as

Jesus Christ Genealogy, Jesus Christ Purpose and Reasons, and so on.  

Let Us Pray; Dear heavenly Father, in your name, name of your son and of the Holy Spirit we pray in the trinity

that we learn and understand all of your Holy Words, that through your power that may not sin, that we may not

hurt you and our neighbors or our enemies, and we pray just as you are just that we too shall always be just,

in all of our judgments, and actions, and in our thinking AMEN!

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November 20, 2018

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