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Are you a good person?

Darryl's Corner


All New my friend!  I just changed this "Helpful Resources" to "Darryl's Corner" in order to make

this section of my ministry website a bit more personal so that my internet visitors can get to know

me more.  I really don't want to be a faceless person on the internet that you never get to know.

Don't forget I am only human like you are.  God Bless.

Let Us Pray; Dear heavenly Father in your Holy name, your sons name Jesus and the name of the Holy Spirit

we pray that we may find all the facts we need to learn more about you and what you expect out of us, and

through you that we may have your Holy power to stop sinning and completely obey you AMEN!

1) American Heritage - (Coming Soon) By Gods Holy Grace I decided to add American Heritage to my ministry

website since this country original start was as a Christian Nation, with Biblical Principles as building blocks in

putting this nation together as a whole. I felt it is extremely important for all Christians to know their

constitutional rights by providing copies of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Pledge of Allegiance,

Declaration of Independence and hopefully in time other important information such as American Wars, Early

Lives of Americans and so on.

2) Bible Studies - I decided by Gods Holy Grace to start sharing my in-depth Bible Study Notes effective in the

year of 2014.  I did this for my benefit and yours in order to help you and me in our Bible Studies of Gods

Holy Words (the Bible). In my studies. I use many Biblical Resources with my Massive Bible Library

Software program!  And of course the Holy Spirit is with me to guide and help me in my learning.  ( res-0 )

This section currently includes:

A) About The Bible  B) Why the Bible?  D) Old Testament Study Notes C) New Testament Study Notes  

3) Darryl's Commentaries - (Coming Soon) In this commentary section I will discuss various concerns that may

affect the Born Again Christian with truth of various topics, but still stay with-in the Biblical Guide Lines of

those topics.  And in these topics I boldly speak the truth to the best of my ability & according to the

resources that I have by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I dare to speak about things that so many do

not realize or afraid to speak about, or restrained by in one way or another by others!  Even though as Born

Again Christians, we do need to be careful about getting involved with the ways of this wicked world

(1Corinithians 3:18-23, Titus 2:11-15).

4) Did You Know......? - This Did You Know..... ministry page contains many interesting things regarding the

scriptures and life in general that most people, Christian or non Christian may not even think about or realize. 

And with the many countless numbers of modern distractions, a person is just bombarded by daily things that

takes them away from God and the things of God and especially the scriptures, the Holy Words of God.

5) The Good Person Test - Do you know that many of non-Christians thinks that they are good people?  Good

to enter heaven, even without knowing Jesus Christ and being saved?  And do you know that even serious

criminals in the federal or state prison thinks that they are good people, even though they broke all of the

commandments of God by way of hurting other people in one form or another? 

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February 06, 2019

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