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For Non-Christians

Are you a good person?

Did You Know....?


This Did You Know..... ?  ministry page contains many interesting things regarding the scriptures

and life in general that most people, Christian or non Christian alike may not even think about or

realize.  And with the many countless numbers of modern distractions, a person is just bombarded

by daily things that takes them away from God and the things of God, especially the scriptures

(Mt 13:18-19). 

  1. Who Translated the First English Bible?  The first person that translated the Bible into the English

    Language was not the King of England that had the KJV translated it was many years before, Tyndale

    that translated the Latin Bible into the English Language so the common man can read and understand it

    all though most people did not yet have a bible of their own since they were so expensive.  Tyndale was

    burned at the stake for translating the bible into the English Language in 1536.  Most could not read the

    Latin language if they read at all.

  2. Two Fold Punishments - When Even and Adam created the first sin, that the serpent's, Eve's and Adam's punishment was 2 fold, 2 punishments each? 1a) Serpent, take his legs away 1b) Mankind will bruise his

    head  2a) Woman, Pain in Child Birth, 2b) Desire Husband and he rule over her, she is no longer equal to

    him  3a) Man, Hard work of the ground, 3b) physical death.

  3. The Angel of Glad Tidings - Did you know that the Angel Gabriel only JOB IN THE Old and New

    Testaments was to bring Glad Tidings (Good News) to God's Selected (Chosen) servants such as

    Announcing the Birth of John the Baptist (Luke 1:5-25) and Jesus Christ (Luke 1:26-38)?

  4. God Has Built and is Building His New Temple! - God had the Roman Empire completely destroy the

    Jewish Temple (the OT Church, The Old Covenant Symbol), that just about completely wiped out Israel

    about the same time (70AD) that the final letter by Disciple John was written in order to bring to full swing

    the New Covenant (MT 26:27-29), the New Testament Church (Acts 14:23) and build the New Temple

    (1 Co 3:16), the Body of Christ (John 3:29)!  See my in-depth teaching on this "Last Days Order of


  5. Why Jesus Christ Had to be Born from the Holy Spirit - The reason why Jesus Christ had to be Born

    from the Holy Spirit instead of from Mary's husband Joseph was to keep Jesus Christ pure and sinless. 

    Because if he would have been born from Joseph instead of the Holy Spirit, then he would have inherited

    the sin nature of Adam, like the rest of us has. And then Jesus would have sinned and not be the perfect

    sinless sacrifice.  Plus in order to be Gods literal "Only Begotten Son" Jesus had to come directly from


  6. The Main Reason Jesus Healed, Cast Out Demons - The (Main Reason) Why Jesus Christ cast out

    demons, healed people and delivered people from their sins was to show the Glory of God and to give

    proof that he is the promised Messiah and son of God according to (Isaiah 35:1-10)?  And it is to show

    that he also has the power to heal, to deliver, to make clean the unclean people.  Here Jesus Christ shows

    his kingship, his authority (Mt 12:18).

  7. Gods Curses & Blessings Pointed at the Church - Most of the bible, the Holy Words of God, with

    Gods curses, Gods judgments and Gods blessings, mercies and forgiveness were mostly pointed at the

    church, the Old Testament Church (Jews/12 Patriarchs) and the New Testament Church (Christians/12

    Dicsiples) the Body of Jesus Christ. As Jesus said I discipline those that I love just like God was towards

    the Jewish people.. (Don't Forget about the 7 Churches, they are a example of the last days Churches, of

    the Judgment of Jesus Christ on the Church.

  8. Jesus Walked on foot Many Miles? - (Matthew 3:13-17) - According to my Bible Map that our Lord

    Jesus Christ has walked on foot roughly 40 to 60 miles from Galilee to the Jordan River in order to be

    baptized by John the Baptist. And that my friend would take at least one or two days to get there.

  9. Close to the Promise Land For 40 Years?  - (Exodus 16:1 - See Biblical Maps)  - When the congregatio(Children of Israel) wondered in the wilderness for 40 years, its a fact that they were only about 25 to 30

    miles away from the promise land for the entire 40 years.  And they did not even know it!

  10. Why do many Christians become sick? - (1Co 11:17-34)  - Many of believers get sick and some even

    pass away because they take of the Lords Supper (Communion) in an unworthy matter.  The Christians in 1Corinthins had dinner when they came together for (Communion) rather than just doing the communion

    and there were brothers/sisters in Jesus Christ who were hungry that had nothing to eat. So Paul told them

    to eat at Home if they want dinner. Communion is a Holy Matter for us to remember Jesus Christ because

    he is not physically with us until he comes again, to be with us physically.NOTE:  This reason is not for all

    Christians who get sick and pass away, it is only for some Christians. Like wereap what we sow, like not

    taking good care of our bodies and such.  There could be other reasons.

  11. Why are some people Gay? - (Romans 1:18-32)  - From the lust of their hearts, they exchanging Gods

    Holy Truths for a Lie, so God handed them over to the lustful desires of their hearts, to the evils that the

    people has already desired, to do what is not natural, women for women and men for men.  And that is

    why more and more gay men and gay women are coming out of the wood work like never before. 

    Because they totally reject God and his Holy Truths. Gods judgment is now on Europe, America and

    many other countries that follows such evil ways.  Similar to Gods judgments were on Sodom & Gomorrah.

  12. Who is Babylon?  - (Rev 17 to 19:10) - Early Christians (Protestants) used "Babylon" as the code word

    for "Rome" in order to keep their selves from being tortured, persecuted and martyred by the Rome Empire

    & (The Vatican)?  This code word "Babylon" is the precise key (hint) to who or what Babylon really is!  

    Wikipedia Encyclopedia Resource  Who is Babylon?

  13. Mary Traveled Near Full Term Pregnancy - (LK 2:26) - She was near full term pregnancy when she

    either walked or rode on a donkey all the way (Roughly About 100 Miles) to Bethlehem for Census taking

    sense they would have not traveled through the mountains of Israel.  To travel so far on foot or even on a

    donkey would have taken at least 2 1/2 days or more to arrive in Bethlehem. They would have traveled on smoother,  main roads instead. There were rough roads though (no Pavement) And Mary/Joseph were

    out in the various climates of weather and conditions that may have been at that time, rain, hot, cold, mild,

    etc weather.  Now she was a very tough women wouldn't you say?

  14. How Many Wise Men Were There?  -  The scripture "Does Not Say" how many wise men traveled to

    see Jesus Christ when he was a infant, "actually" he was a toddler at the time.  Only that there were 3 gifts

    given to Jesus. (Matthew 2:1)  And when the wise men eventually did arrive to see Jesus about 2 years

    after he was born, that is why the king order all boys of the age of 2 and under to be killed. He (Jesus)

    was about 2 years old (Matthew 2:16) and the wise men came to a House, "Not A Manger that Jesus

    and parents were staying in!" (Matthew 2:11). By the way when the wise men seen Jesus, he was a toddler

    about 2, not a baby, living in a house..

  15. Most Christians Don't Share Their Faith? - According to The Barna Group, that only 2% of Christians

    actually share their faith with the lost.  So that is about 98% of Christians that does not share their faith with

    the lost souls.  And yet those 98% of Christians will tell you that they love Jesus and obey him.  And yet

    they never Obey Jesus Commands - (Matthew 28:19) Go therefore* and make disciples of all the nations,

    baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. And that does not include

    the rest of Jesus teachings that most of them does not obey either.

  16. Many Christians Believe there are other ways to heaven? - According to The Barna Group , a 

    Christian Research Organization, that at least 57% of Evangelical Christians believe that there are other

    ways to heaven instead of through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Oprah Winfrey is an example of that.  The thing

    is, how can anyone be a true Born Again Christian and do not believe that Jesus is the only Way to God? 

    They can't be True Born Again Christians.  As Jesus said, you will die in your sins, if you do not believe

    that I am he (John 8:24).  Oprah and others like her are calling Jesus Christ a liar when Jesus said I am the

    way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father Except through me. (John 14:16).

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