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Steps to Salvation


Have you ever wondered about what God does to prepare and choose people for salvation? 

And how God would know in the future who would come to Salvation through his son Jesus

Christ?  So we ask what is biblically required for true salvation?  Did you know that salvation

is not by mankind's will (Romans 9:14-29) for all of us deserves condemnation (Gods

Judgments and Wrath)?   (Teaching on "Steps to Salvation").

Let Us Pray;  Dear Heavenly Father, in your name, your name Jesus Christ and in the name of the Holy Spirit we

pray that you we are the servants that you have predestined, elected and chosen as your people, your servants so

we can glorify you, serve you and help to advance your Holy Kingdom!  AMEN!

1) God Foreknew Romans 8:29a; For

those God foreknew........

2) God Predestined Romans 8:29b; he also predestined to be conformed to the

likeness of his Son, .........

3) God Calls/Invites Romans 8: 30b; he also

called MT 22:14 For many are invited, few



4) Romans 8:30c he justified

5) Romans 8:30d he glorified

6) God Elects/Chooses Mark 13:20; the

sake of the elect whom he chose

7) God Draws People to Jesus Christ 

Jn 6:44-45, 65; unless the Father who sent

me draws him



8) They get Knowledge of Salvation

Luke 1:77; To give knowledge of salvation

to His people By the remission of their sins,..

9) Law is Our tutor Galatians 3:24

Therefore the  law was our tutor to bring us 

to Christ, that we might be justified by faith.

10) You Must Repent & Believe Mk 1:15;

 repent & believe (FAITH) in the gospel.

11) You Must Be Born Again John 3:3;

unless one is born again, he can not see the

Kingdom of God........

12) You Must Deny Your Self Mt 16:24a 

let him deny himself

13) Pick Up Your Cross Mt 16:24b

......and follow me!

14) Workout Your salvation

Philippians out your own salvation with fear and




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