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Teaching The Way To Jesus Christ


Who are the true Jews? The Chosen Ones?  Is it people that are born in Israel or is it people that has Faith?  Ro 2:28-29 A Jew is a Jew if his heart is circumcised, of Faith!  Col 3:11 There is No More Gentile or Jew for we are on in Christ!  Col 3:12 For we Born Again Christians, those of Faith are the children of God, the chosen and Holy ones!  Ro 4:16, 9:8  We are the ones of the promise!  Ro 9:6 Being Born in Israel does not make one a child of God, a Jew, a person of Faith!  Mt 3:9 God can even make children for Abraham out of the stones!  IT IS GOD NOT MAN THAT DETERMINES WHO BELONGS TO HIM AND WHO DOES NOT!  God can call any land Israel, he can call anyone Jew!

Genealogy of Jesus, The Messiah -  Matthew 1:1-17 - ( res-1j and 2a, 2c, 2e, 2g ).a) Matthew Uses Joseph Family Tree for  Jesus Genealogy; Matthew starts with Jesus Christ Genealogy in........Learn More >>.........5678

The Baptism, Genealogy of Jesus Christ - Luke 3:21-38 ( res-1c, 1i, 2a, 2c 3 & 7 ). a) John Were Baptizing the people;  John the Baptist was Baptizing the people in water (Full Submersion) for repentance of sins.....Learn More >>

Christians Judges Who?  Friend it often makes me wonder if the Jews and Gentiles told Jeremiah, the Prophets, Jesus, Moses, Paul or the disciples "Do Not Judge Me?" 

Gods Words Only!  Friends it is wise not to forget it was Eve who instead of listening to God started listening to the Devils......Learn More >>
Beatitudes.  You want true blessings from God?  Our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us the true meanings of the New Covenant......Learn More >>

The fruits of the Spirit is actually Christian Attributes, that all (Saved) Born Again Christians should have.  This is walking in the Spirit of God.  Those....Learn More >>

Be well armed with the full armor of God (Eph 6:10-17)!  That will keep you from giving into temptations  & situations that can cause you to sin,.....Learn More >>

Six things that God hates,  If we love God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we will not do....Learn More >>

The Jews having the law did not comprehend that the law, the Ten Commandments is about Gods Love towards all...Learn More >> The Two Greatest Commandments.  The Jews having the law did not comprehend that the law, the Ten Commandments is about Gods Love towards all.....Learn More >>
Churches refers to Proverbs 31:1-31 as "Virtuous Woman" rather than "Virtuous Wife". They are twisting....Learn More >> Friends, how can we love God, our Lord Jesus Christ, our family, our neighbor, our enemy if we do not know What Love Is?  If we do not have.....Learn More >>

Four Gospels.  From my Bible Program, its resources, by Gods grace through Jesus Christ, I get to learn about the four gospels.  Such as why....Learn More >

The New Testament consist of 27 books, all written in the first century AD.  The authors (Disciples &....Learn More >

About the Bible.  My friends I figured before we continue on in these bible studies that there are some things we should know about the Bible.  This is very..... Learn More >

Bible Studies.  Each Bible Study Note is a verse by verse in-depth study that I am slowly working on, in all of Gods glory!  And friend I am sharing.......Learn More >

Sheep in Wolves Clothing.  My friend in today's times there are many of false teachers (2Peter 2:1-22), many of false prophets (Matthew 7:15.....Learn More > Seven Churches.  These seven churches were actual churches in the western part of Turkey,  Turkey had one time had many Christians......Learn More >

Who is Babylon?  World Religious Leaders.  One of them (Religions) is Babylon, the Whore?......Learn More >

National ID.  My friend I can not guarantee the accuracy of this page since technology and information are speeding up at a alarming rate!  But....Learn More >
The Last Days.  My Friend perilous times are here for that was foretold about over 2000 years ago (2 Timothy 3:1-9) to the false teachers....Learn More >

Mark of the Beast.  From Census to Social Security Cards, to National ID with Verichip inserted .....Then to

ID Implants...Learn More >

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